Womens Roller Skates Size: The Quick Guide To Choosing

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Womens roller skates, like all other sporting gear, tend to come in a series of standard sizes that are together meant to cater to virtually all foot sizes. When you’re wondering how to know what size roller skates to buy though, you would oftentimes find that the product you wish to buy is not available in your size, or worse, the product you buy turns out to be too loose or tight.

Many users tend to make the best of a bad situation by going ahead with what they know is a poor fit. While poor size would lead to injuries even in case of normal shoes, they can lead to everything from sprains to disjointed bones and torn ligaments in case of skates.

Others however, are so fearful of just such a predicament that they shy away from buying roller skates online (or even in stores) when it becomes clear that sizing may be an issue.

Now while it is true that finding the perfect size is mandatory yet difficult at times, it is not impossible. To help you choose the right skates while saving time, we have not only provided a quick guide to choosing the right sizes, but also come up with some suggestions on what to buy for what size.

How to choose roller skates size: Top rated womens roller skates for size

Womens Roller Skate Size 6 – Riedell RW Volt Rainbow Skates

Womens Roller Skate Size 6 - Riedell RW Volt Rainbow Skates

Made of the highest quality nylon available, this colourful offering from Riedell offers a completely man-made structure that users claim is good for both recreational racing and derby.

For those in the derby circuit, the product comes with special double action trucks that provide unmatched manoeuvrability and short stopping times.

Such ease of movement is aided by the presence of durable toe stops and precision speed bearings. As one parent noted, manipulating these stops to achieve the perfect balance is possible, even for young hands. The nylon plate, on the other hand, is fixed in such a neutral position that neither novice nor professional had any problems in balancing themselves.

The structure is rounded off by Riedell Volt wheels that are specifically designed keeping the needs of a wide range of users in mind. Add to it the polished black exterior of the shoe and the signature rainbow laces and you have a product that is loved by young girls and women alike.

Womens Roller Skates Size 7 – Chicago Ladies Bullet Skate

Womens Roller Skates Size 7 - Chicago Ladies Bullet Skate

A high-quality vinyl challenger to the Riedell, the second contender provides a low-cut boot that is ideal for skating in a variety of conditions courtesy of it aiding the overall operability of the product.

Combine these with high quality bearings and it is not difficult to understand why parents have rated the product so highly in the recent past. Apart from balance and operability though, users have also noted that the 62mm urethane wheels made it easy for them to try out the products both indoors and outdoors, giving an unheard-of degree of versatility.

Complementing this is the fact that the shoe is snug without being overtly tight and this saved a good many people the trouble of changing the product as their feet grew (or their posture changed). With the usual shoelaces being buttressed by the presence of a velcro strap system, this product more than justifies its claim to being a simple yet very versatile product.

Womens Roller Skates Size 8 – Roller Derby Candi Girl Women Colorful Roller Skates

Womens Roller Skates Size 8 - Roller Derby Candi Girl Women Colorful Roller Skates

Moving to higher sizes requires that the product be able to handle heavier feet, and for this purpose, Roller Derby has chosen to go with a suede leather hand-made boot and an aluminium plate as opposed to the vinyl ones mentioned above.

This provides for unmatched stability and durability even when one is going in for hard derby events. Aiding its utility quotient are also ABEC-5 bearings that, as we noticed, could be loosened or tightened to suit the exact foot shape of the user.

The wheels of the product are made of poured urethane, which ensures that there are no weak points that can cause accidents. Coupled with the fixed (but adjustable) axles these insure the user against injury caused by rough surfaces or debris. Last but not least, the product’s boot-style and wide range of color choices allow folks to customize their skating experience to a great degree while adding that much needed touch of style.

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Womens Roller Skates Size 8.5 – Riedell Skates Dart Roller Skate

Womens Roller Skates Size 8.5 – Riedell Skates Dart Roller Skate

Moving half a size up, we find Riedell again making good its claim to providing high quality man-made skates. This particular product is further enhanced by the presence of a PowerDyne thrust nylon plate that is particularly important for maintaining balance during dance and/or derby sessions.

Speaking of derby, some users found the padding too much for derby, while found that the product could easily rank as one of the best derby products out there. Whatever their opinion, they agreed that the ABEC-5 bearings did a wonderful job of providing them with adequate control over their movements.

Interestingly, the 62mm wheels tend to be capable of handling both outdoor and indoor surfaces, though we would warn against trying out 93A urethane products on extremely rough surfaces. Completing this versatility are midi grip toe stops that prevent misadventures even on the slipperiest of surfaces, thus allowing us to skate on even frozen surfaces.

Womens Roller Skates Size 9 – Riedell R3 Demon Quad Roller Derby Speed Skates

Womens Roller Skates Size 9 - Riedell R3 Demon Quad Roller Derby Speed Skates

Our third Riedell challenger offers the same man-made quality of nylon boot that the previous two provided. In addition however, it offers plates made of PowerDyne thrust nylon which are extremely light but allow users to maintain posture despite the larger size of the foot involved.

Aiding posture further are the ABEC-4 bearings and the four 95A urethane wheels measuring 62mm each. Unlike some previous products, 95A makes these an indoor-only product but, as users happily realized, allows use on a variety of surfaces.

If that weren’t enough, Riedell has also focused on providing high quality trucks that allow for quick stopping and change of direction. Coupled with such handy accessories as a maintenance tool and two pairs of durable laces, these make this Riedell competitor a great combination of comfort and speed.

Womens Roller Skates Size 10 – Riedell Moxi Lolly Fuchsia Womens Outdoor Roller Skates

Womens Roller Skates Size 10 - Riedell Moxi Lolly Fuchsia Womens Outdoor Roller Skates

Complementing the indoor product discussed above is the Riedell Moxi, offering the rare combination of outdoor wheels and a suede leather body. The suede leather, combined with adequate amounts of padding, a classic lace system and a retro chic look allow the user to shine in any dance or recreational event.

Perhaps keeping in mind the wide range of surfaces on which events can be held, Riedell has come up with 78A wheels that can handle the toughest of outdoor surfaces without giving into instability or wear-and-tear. The wide structure of the body, on the other hand, ensures that people with wide feet (as is common in this size bracket) can also skate without suffering from injury.

Matters are smoothened substantially by the inclusion of ABEC-5 bearings. With toe stops and axles living up to expectations as well, it can well be argued that this is the ideal product for figure and dance skaters.

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Womens Roller Skates Size 11 – Riedell Dart Double Rainbow Quad Roller Derby Speed Skate

Womens Roller Skates Size 11 - Riedell Dart Double Rainbow Quad Roller Derby Speed Skate

Moving to the highest women’s skate size possible, we find Riedell offering a very sturdy nylon body that is well-matched by the sturdy PowerDyne nylon plate. 15 degree polished metal trucks improve the stability of the unit while pre-spun 8mm polished brass-caged steel bearings allow even the heaviest feet to handle complex courses easily.

Combined with 8mm axles and top-quality speed wheels, these provide enough support for users, regardless of whether they are dancing, participating in derby or simply skating for the pleasure of the sport.

The USP of the product, however, has to be its excellent padding and sufficient foot-space. Users worried about ankle sprain found that they/their children had practically no issues wearing the products for hours on end. With Riedell providing an artistic touch through multi-coloured wheels and a beautiful boot design, these features can easily make the user the cynosure of the circuit, both in terms of looks and technique.

How to size womens roller skates – How do I know what size roller skates to buy?

Now that we have provided you with the ideal products for each size, it is time to help you decide whether a certain skate is ideal for you based on your foot size. For this, you would first need to measure out your foot for a normal shoe (ie those that you wear to work or college). This size will serve as the normative size around which we shall proceed with our discussion.

Once you have measured out the normative size, you should proceed in the following manner –

  • See whether the skate size is one size smaller than your normal/normative size. If it is, try it on.
  • Note whether the tip of your toes require a little effort to reach the front of the shoe. If they do, your size is perfect. However, if they are crushed against the top of the shoe and the fingers are being bent, you have likely chosen a size smaller than what you should be wearing.
  • Repeat this exercise with your foot slightly bent so you can replicate your actual skating position.
  • Further, most shoes we mentioned above come in standard width that should be fine for most. If you have wide feet or narrow feet, however, you would want to check out higher-end skates that come with wide, normal and narrow variants.
  • Once you are broadly sure of your size, buckle up the way you would for a derby and see whether your ankles have sufficient room. If not, try a larger size.

Generally, if size 8 tends to cause your toes to curl, they will also cause your ankles to be cramped. If however, either one of the two is the issue, it is always ideal to move to the next size or inquire whether you need special wide or narrow (or custom-made) shoes.

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As the above guide suggests, buying roller skates for different sizes is not as difficult a task as it is made out to be. Beyond size itself though, you should be aware that large foot sizes need better reinforcement of the mechanical parts and as such, the ball bearing ratings and other specifications should move up gradually as the size improves.

Generally, this is not the case since all shoes of a certain line are made with the same specifications and this is why we chose different lines and brands when recommending products.

As such, we hope that this guide would be useful to you in making your choices, regardless of whether you choose the products we have recommended or have to solve the dilemmas facing you regarding your own favourite brands and lines.

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