Where to Buy Roller Skates ? Here’s Your Answer!

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Like all sports gear that involve straps, wheels and cuffs, roller skates are notorious for being disagreeing with the shape or size of folks’ feet. To avoid this, many people head to brick-and-mortar stores but find that not only can they not try out the gear they buy, but that they are gullible enough to end up buying skates that are a poor match for them, both in terms of budget and utility.

Even experienced users find that many times, the local store won’t stock the skates they want and for all the effort needed to go to the store, they find themselves being forced to compromise. Given these problems, an alternative answer to the question – where to buy roller skates – comes in the form of online shopping sites like Amazon. Amazon not only stocks the largest collection of roller skates for all ages and genders but in most cases sells and ships faster than anything your local outlet can.

Yet given the huge inventory that Amazon has, it can be easy to get lost in the terminology and boastful claims of manufacturers. The surest way to avoid this pitfall is to read the customer reviews carefully. If you don’t have time for such detailed study, however, we’ve come up with careful reviews of the three skates which we felt were the best value for money propositions.

To answer the question “where to buy roller skates“:  Top 3 Roller Skates

Rollerblade Kid's
Spitfire XT US 5 through 8
Adjustable Size Skate,
Rollerblade Kid's Spitfire XT US 5 through 8 Adjustable Size Skate, Black/RedSee It--4.5
K2 Skate
Women's Athena
Inline Skates
K2 Skate Women's Athena Inline SkatesSee It80mm, 80a/ABEC4.5
Pacer Pink Sonic Cruiser
Outdoor Quad Sneaker
Roller Skates
Pacer Pink Sonic Cruiser Outdoor Quad Sneaker Roller SkatesSee It82A4.5

RollerBlade SpitFire XT Adjustable Boys Skate 2014

Rollerblade Spitfire XT Adjustable Boys Skate 2014

Meant essentially for growing boys – and girls! – the SpitFire XT boasts of 80A wheels that can handle even the roughest of outdoor terrain with ease. Combine this with the 72mm inline wheel and 45 degrees strap design and these become ideal for competitions and derbies that demand the 72mm standard. Equally important however is the ability of the product to expand with the growth of the child’s foot without feeling excessively loose or tight at any stage. RollerBlade takes care of this requirement by providing four size ranges. Since each size range comprises of four sizes eg. sizes 5-8, any skate should be able to last a child at least 3-4 years.

Users were also quite appreciative of the ability of the product to provide adequate padding since many felt that lack of this would put undue stress on young ankles. A few parents who themselves were professional skaters noted that the skate allowed their children to achieve balance on one foot and this helped them learn the art of skating at a fast click. Last but not least, many admired the ability of the unit to survive the wear and tear befall any shoe/skate meant for children.

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K2 Skate Women’s Athena Inline Skates

K2 Skate Women’s Athena Inline Skates

An all-time favourite among women skaters, the K2 Athena distinguishes itself by providing 80A wheels whose special design keeps the road vibrations to a minimum. Along with the low center of gravity, this ensures that the skates are capable of providing sufficient traction and balance even when the user is a beginner.

Comfort, on the other hand, is provided by a standard K2 soft boot that has been enhanced by a Stability Plus cuff. This cuff helps reduce the impact of the weight of the wheel on the foot and allowed even the youngest of skaters to use the product without any strains/sprains.

Despite such enhancements, the Athena comes with a standard shoelace design that keeps the foot snug while allowing the user to manipulate the laces. This translates to unmatched customizability in terms of tightness and together with the cuff, make this K2 product one of the most comfortable womens roller skates in the market.

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Sonic Cruiser Fun Skate

Sonic Cruiser Fun Skate

Catering to the needs of both men and women, the Sonic Cruiser comes with 85A wheels that are harder than the two previous products and hence straddle the divide between indoor and outdoor roller skates decently. Further, the 62mm design ensures that the legs are not unduly overburdened.

Combined with the fact that the shoe design is so simple that many users thought they were wearing sneakers or ordinary shoes instead of skating shoes, this makes the Sonic an extremely comfortable choice regardless of the outdoor/indoor skating conditions.

The real USP of the product, however, is the fact that the bearings inside the wheels are ABEC-1 rated, which implies that they are certified to be of quality superior than many non-ABEC products of similar or greater price. Finally, the fixed toe stops help users maintain good balance and adequate posture during skating.

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As the above three suggestions indicate, Amazon has a large collection of products that cater to virtually any gender, interest and/or budget. Of course, Amazon is not the only solution to the eternal problem of those wondering where to buy roller skates.

Other online sites and even some of the largest and best sporting stores stock a good number of products and salesmen who are scrupulous and knowledgeable about skating. However, most folks do not have access to these and for them, online purchase of skating shoes remains one of the best options as far as dependability, quality and ease of purchase are concerned.

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