Where Can I Buy Roller Skates With Peace of Mind? : Your Answer Is Here!

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Folks who are new to skating or are confused about which pair of roller skates to buy are often enticed into window shopping and thereafter, real shopping from stores that stock only a limited number of overpriced skates. Since most stores don’t allow physical trials of roller skates prior to purchase, the buyer has no choice but to either sell the item or risk injury and discomfort while learning the art of skating in them.

Contrast this situation with Amazon, an online shopping site that allows you to go through virtually every roller skate that is available in the country. If you have confusions regarding fit and are not satisfied with the customer reviews, you can ask questions to the user community. If you are still not satisfied, you can contact Amazon without taking on any liabilities.

Last but not least, if after all the research, questioning and analysis you still end up with a poor product, you caforn return it within a month and get your money back! Not without reason is Amazon the preferred answer to most folks’ query – “where can I buy roller skates with peace of mind”?

Yet the very task of research can be daunting if you’re new to the world of skating. To make your life easier, we’ve come up with simple-to-understand reviews of the skates which we feel are the best in the market today.

To answer the question “where can I buy roller skates”: Top Rated 10 Products on Amazon

Rollerblade Women's
Spark 80ALU Skate
Rollerblade Women's Spark 80ALU Skate, Gray/BlueSee It80mm 82A5.0
Bladerunner Kids Phoenix
4 Size Adjustable Skate
Bladerunner Kids Phoenix 4 Size Adjustable SkateSee It72mm, ABEC 3 4.0
Riedell Skates R3
Roller Skate
Riedell Skates R3 Roller SkateSee ItABEC 54.5
Rollerblade Kid's
Spitfire XT US
5 through 8 Adjustable Size Skate
Rollerblade Kid's Spitfire XT US 5 through 8 Adjustable Size SkateSee It--4.5
Chicago Ladies Bullet SkateChicago Ladies Bullet SkateSee It62mm4.0
Roller Derby Women's V500
Adjustable Inline Skates
Roller Derby Women's V500 Adjustable Inline SkatesSee It76mm, ABEC 74.0
Chicago Men's Rink SkateChicago Men's Rink SkateSee It--4.5
K2 Skate Women's
Kinetic 80 Inline Skates
K2 Skate Women's Kinetic 80 Inline SkatesSee It80mm, 80a/ABEC5.0
Skechers Adjustable Quad Roller SkateSkechers Adjustable Quad Roller SkateSee It--5.0
Adjustable Inline Skates for GirlsAdjustable Inline Skates for GirlsSee It70 mm 82A5.0

a) Rollerblade Women’s Spark 80ALU Skate

Rollerblade Women’s Spark 80ALU Skate

Among the frontrunners for the best inline women’s skate of 2020, the 80ALU comes with 82A wheels that are perfect for handling all types of outdoor terrains and weather conditions. Coupled with the SG-5 outdoor bearings, this rating allows it to maintain adequate shape and stability even when put through the rigours of a derby or competition.

Complementing such stability is the balance offered by the aluminium frame and the fact that the wheels have a diameter of 80mm which is deemed ideal for women’s inline skates. Topping off this incredible list is a genuine Rollerblade shoe that enhances the comfort of the wearer under all weather conditions. Considered together with the other features, this shoe makes the 80ALU a true companion for the skater seeking a versatile skating experience.

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b) Bladerunner Youth Phoenix 4 Size Adjustable Skate

Bladerunner Youth Phoenix 4 Size Adjustable Skate

A frontrunner for the title of Best Children’s In line Roller Skate, the Phoenix 4 comes with wheels that are conducive for both indoor and outdoor skating. In buyers’ opinions, this helps maintain shape and stability as children are often unmindful of where they are skating. Equally importantly, the wheels have a 72mm diameter and high quality ABEC-3 bearings that ensure that they do not raise the center of gravity of the wearer too much.

This indoor/ outdoor roller skates come with the shoe, we find that Bladerunner has made the skates future-proof by offering 4-sizes in each shoe. Since the size can be modified simply by pressing a button, the children themselves can change the size as and when their growing feet make the older size feel uncomfortable. When combined with a supportive upper, this makes the skate ideal for children of both genders whose parents don’t want their kids to deal with the hassle of complex adult skates.

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c) Riedell R3 Speed Roller Skates

Riedell R3 Speed Roller Skates

Our first non-inline contender, the Riedell R3 challenges the best in the skates market by providing 62mm wheels that enhance stability and durability courtesy of the ABEC-5 bearings on which they run. Easy manoeuvrability of the roller skate is another virtue that R3 provides through a durable yet feather light nylon plate that is as capable of handling rough surfaces and inclines as aluminium ones.

Riedell has also taken special care to ensure that the vinyl shoe has adequate padding without feeling too tight. Many users commended the company for producing shoes that come in a range of sizes and when the right one is picked, fit like a glove. Given that the shoe itself is man-made, such snugness is also complemented by superior durability. Taken together, these make the R3 a great choice for skaters who want a light but durable skate at an affordable price.

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d) Rollerblade Spitfire XT Adjustable Boys Skate 2014

Rollerblade Spitfire XT Adjustable Boys Skate 2014

The second children’s skate on our list, this Rollerblade contender comes with 80A wheels that are perfect for all forms of outdoor skating activity. Equally impressive is the fact that the 72mm wheels combine with the durable nylon plate to provide a low center of gravity. Furthermore, all size variants expand four sizes to keep up with the growth of your child’s feet.

Unlike many other children’s skates, Rollerblade has taken special care to provide high quality shoes that come with a 45 degree Junior Fit closure for hassle-free wearing and removal. Coupled with the Powerstrap, the Speedlace and the Monocoque Liner, these make the shoe a must have. This in turn allows the Spitfire XT to rank among the top choices among parents who seek comfort without increased weight or durability issues.

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e) Skechers Adjustable Quad Roller Skate

Skechers Adjustable Quad Roller Skat

One of the most affordable products in the childrens’ roller skates category, this Skechers product comes with light but sufficiently large wheels to ensure that your little one has good balance to count on. Add semi-precision bearings to the equation and you have skates that maintain stability while going over rough surfaces.

Quite interestingly, the skates come with a sturdy exterior that is well-matched by a comfortable nylon-liner on the inside. Coupled with the overall design of the shoe, these allowed a number of users to note with delight the comfortable fit their daughters achieved. Since the exterior also comes with attractive Skechers graphics, they should prove to be highly attractive to your little girl even if she is yet to be introduced to skating.

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f) Adjustable Inline Skates for Girls by Xinosports

Adjustable Inline Skates for Girls by Xinosport

One of the most popular inline children’s skates, this product comes with 70mm wheels that run on top-quality ABEC-7 bearings. Coupled with an aluminium frame, these ensure that the child can maintain adequate speed without suffering from discomfort, imbalance or muscle strain. Of course, these features won’t make much sense to your little one until he/she begins skating and for this reason, Xinosports has come up with an illuminating front wheel that should enhance the skates’ appeal for him/her.

Coming to the question of comfort, we find that the company has provided a quality shoe that comes with adequate padding for keeping those little legs snug and free from sprains. Combined with the various skate features and the appeal of the illuminating wheel, these make this Xinosports competitor an attractive choice for parents who are trying to get their children to take up skating at a young age.

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g) Chicago Ladies Bullet Skate

Chicago Ladies Bullet Skate

One of the most affordable womens roller skates in the market, the Chicago competitor delivers quality polyurethane wheels that prove to be highly stable courtesy of their 62mm diameter. Add to it a wide and well-designed vinyl frame and you have one of the most dependable skates in the market whether you’re going for casual skating or taking on the asphalt trails.

Since the product is built for amateur and casual skaters, comfort is vital and to this end, we find Chicago providing a low-cut softboot that provides a good fit regardless of one’s shoe size. Keeping in mind the low price point, these features ensure that this Chicago product is easily one of the best products regardless of the interests of the user!

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h) Roller Derby Women’s V500 Adjustable Inline Skates

Roller Derby Women’s V500 Adjustable Inline Skates

Among the best derby skates in the market, the Women’s V500 comes with 76mm Urethane Speed Formula wheels that ensure smooth and stable riding at high speeds. Further, since these are meant for derby competitions, the wheels have been provided with ABEC 7 bearings so that they allow for fast turning and changes of velocity.

Keeping in mind the same buyer segment, the company has provided excellent padding in the softboot to ensure that legs and ankles do not get fatigued during intense derby sessions. If we club this feature with the push button adjustment system for changes in shoe size and the fact that the triple cam lever adjustment system keeps the legs firmly inside the shoe, it becomes clear that the above facets of this shoe contribute to produce an inline product that is truly at top of its class.

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i) Chicago Men’s Rink Skate

Chicago Men’s Rink Skate

Meant for those participating in formal or semi-formal rink events, this skating product comes with urethane wheels that are meant to take a huge amount of wear and tear without suffering from performance issues. When combined with the semi-precision bearings of the Chicago skate, these are also capable of offering the control and traction one needs to excel in the arena.
Coming to the base plate, we find that Chicago’s use of aluminium along with the provision for special trucks has allowed the unit to gain sufficient manoeuvrability and durability for most skating sports. With the shoe possessing a traditional yet comfortable lace design and a high form factor, these features make this roller skate ideal for both competitive sports and formal/traditional skating events.

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j) K2 Skate Women’s Kinetic 80 Inline Skates

K2 Skate Women’s Kinetic 80 Inline Skates

Another great candidate for the position of best women’s inline skate, the K2 Kinetic 80 comes with 80A wheels that are ideal for all types of outdoor activity. Add to them the ABEC bearings and you get wheels that aren’t likely to suffer from any issues during rapid skating events. What really sets the unit apart however is the interlocking of the F.B.I. base and the shoe. This reduces the overall shaking involved in riding over rough terrain and improves the overall balance.

Complementing these is a K2 softboot whose Stability Plus design ensures adequate balance while providing the comfort you need for a long session. With a speed lacing system that allows you to hop in and out of the skates in a matter of seconds, these make the Kinetic 80 a great buy for the versatile skating enthusiast.

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While we have attempted to provide reviews of all the best contenders you can get in the market, it is never possible to include every good skate in a single article. Be that as it may, we believe that we have provided the broad contours of all the types of products available on a site like Amazon.

Since this range is extremely broad, we believe even if the above offerings do not match your criteria, it is highly likely that the answer to “where to buy roller skates” will still be Amazon. That said, we hope that whichever skate you pick, you do so with adequate forethought about your needs so that the said skate can provide you with the comfort, stability and speed that you need and you expect for the money you shell out.

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