What Roller Skates to Buy for Beginners?

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Fashion keeps revolving around the same trends year in year out, and it seems like roller skates are not different. You may reminisce wearing your roller skates as a child and pushing them gracefully down the street. Roller skates are on the come-back, and today, everyone, even adults, is trying to learn how to skate.

Roller skates are becoming popular today because other than being a fun activity, skating down the street freely burns more calories, and it gets your heart pumping better than the gym. It is undisputed that skating is a fun activity not only for children but adults as well. 

It might be had to get the hang of it on the first few trials for a beginner, but with the right pair of roller skates, you will learn faster than expected. This article will talk about roller skate for beginners in general.

Should I Buy Roller Skates?

Yes, you should. Roller skates are a fun way to burn calories, and getting a pair for yourself, or your kids will do you more harm than good. If you look at it from a positive perspective, you will see that there are a lot of reasons you should buy roller skates. Below is a list of some of the senses;

They Bring Fun

Roller skating is one of the most pleasant ways to exercise, socialize, and relax. When you start skating down the street, you will meet more people like you, and because of the common interest, you will make friends with them. It may seem like the activity does not burn a lot of calories, but in the real sense, skating to lose weight is an effective method to get healthier. In thirty minutes, you can burn two hundred and fifty calories.

Roller Skating Improves Your Heart Health

Heart disease is prevalent and seems to wipe out people mysteriously. Roller skating has been proven to be an aerobic exercise, and research says that it increases the average heart rate from 140 to 160 beats per minute. If you engage in roller skating at least three times a week, your heart health will improve by a large margin.

Roller Skating Makes You Happy

Besides giving physical health benefits, roller skating is said to naturally make people happy, which improves mental health. It helps to reduce deficient hormones that cause sadness and increase happy hormones.

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What Is the Right Age for Learning to Skate?

What Roller Skates to Buy for Beginners
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If your child shows interest in skating and has developed their sense of balance well, they might be ready to learn skating. For most kids, the age of five is the best time to start roller skating, but it should only happen under the supervision of an adult to avoid accidents or injuries.

For adults, you can learn skateboarding at any age as there is no set limit. Remember to wear the safety gears during the learning period as you are most likely to injure yourself. If possible, get the lessons from an instructor to learn the basic moves as you advance to the next level.

The earlier you learn how to skate, the better it is for you. Research has shown that kids tend to remember things like skating, swimming, or bicycle riding faster and better than adults. If possible, teach your child to skate at a young age, and when they grow up, they will thank you for it.

Are Roller Blades or Skates Better?

Roller skates are easier for beginners, especially children whose muscles are less developed. Teenagers and adults, however, find rollerblades easier and faster. There is no much difference between rollerblades and roller skates in terms of quality delivery. 

Rollerblades and roller skates are suitable for different things, so it depends on your purpose. Roller skates are easier for beginners because they have four wheels which makes them easier to balance. However, when moving in different directions and doing stunts, roller blades take the crown. The narrow wheels make it easier to weave edges in and out than roller skates that may get stuck when skating.

Hitting the brakes in a roller skate is more challenging as the front brake requires you to drag your foot while applying pressure to your foot. The back brake of a blade, on the other hand, is easier for beginners since you are required to use force to your heel while extending your leg.

Which Skates Are Better for Beginners?

If it is your first time buying a pair of skates for yourself or a friend, choosing the right time might be a bit hard given that there are various types and brands to choose from. Consider the guide below before getting a pair of skates;

Determine Whether You Prefer Roller Skates or Skate Blades

If you would like to move faster, like when skating on ice, skate blades are the best option, although beginners who are kids should use roller skates since they provide better balance. You can change the type as you progress and become more experienced.

Do You Want Indoor or Outdoor Skates?

Their wheels differentiate indoor skates and outdoor skates. Indoor wheels have little grasping power, which allows them to slide on the floors. Outdoor wheels are created for more grip, allowing them to suck up more shock as they roll over rough surfaces.


When buying roller skates for beginners, whether kids or adults, there are certain factors you should consider. If you find yourself renting roller skates more often, then it is time to get a pair of your own. Buying might save you cash as compared to renting the roller skates,

We all agree that skating is a fun and healthy activity that we should be involved with. It brings joy, promotes socialization, and keeps the heart-healthy. Getting a roller skate for yourself or a loved one is a good idea although, you should consider the factors mentioned in this article. If you follow the tips given, you will come out of the store with the best skates for beginners

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