Roller skates for Women Size 8 Reviews

For the beginners knowing the right skate size that fits your feet is an important  factor  towards excelling in the skating activity. When you choose the size that is loosely fitting, you are bound to have problems in keeping it stable. On the other hand, when the skate is too tight you will develop blisters. Besides the skate sizes differ from brand to brand.

How to Determine your Correct Roller Skate Size

When determining your ideal skate size, factor in your foot structure. Is it too wide, too narrow or just the standard shape?  First, you need to wear the socks you will be using while skating. Then follow, the below procedure;

  1. Rest your feet on a piece of paper, with your back heel resting against the wall
  2. Make sure one end of the paper also rests against the same wall
  3. On the paper, mark where the tip of the longest toe reaches
  4. Take a ruler and measure in mm, the distance from the mark to the back heel
  5. Use this measurement to compare against the sizing chart of your brand choice

Remember if your foot is extra wide, it is wise to choose a size larger.

Roller skates for Women Size 8 Reviews

For the women who wear size 8 roller skates, here are our top picks to consider;

Roller Derby Roller Star Women’s Size

 Roller Derby Roller Star Women's Size

Pretty sturdy for girls

The roller derby roller star women’s skates are comfort-fit constructed boots. As designer skates must give adequate support and comfort, the roller derby women’s star 600 skates have padded lining and durable heel support. Besides the lace-up finishing further reinforces the support.  In addition the, skates design incorporates 56mm urethane wheels and the RTX pro chassis. To support the smooth rolling experience, these skates have ABEC-5 bearings.

The Roller Derby Roller Star is a top-notch roller skate designed specifically for women. With its Freestyle comfort fit boot, padded lining, reinforced heel support, and lace closure, these skates prioritize both comfort and performance. The boot provides a secure and snug fit, ensuring stability and control while skating.

Equipped with the RTX Pro Chassis, these skates offer precision turning capabilities. The real trucks and cushions enhance maneuverability, allowing for smooth and controlled movements on various surfaces. Whether you’re skating indoors or outdoors, the 56mm Urethane wheels provide excellent traction and work effectively on multiple surfaces.

The Roller Derby Roller Star also features G-Force 608ZB (carbon) bearings, which ensure smooth and efficient rolling. These bearings contribute to a seamless skating experience, allowing you to glide effortlessly and maintain speed.

These roller skates are available in women’s U.S. shoe sizes, making it convenient for women to find their perfect fit. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced skater, the Roller Derby Roller Star delivers comfort, support, and performance to enhance your skating adventures. Strap on these skates and get ready to experience the joy and thrill of roller skating like never before.


  • Reinforced heel support
  • Boasts comfort-fit design
  • Durable ABEC-5 wheels


  • Gives inadequate traction

Candi GRL Carlin Women’s Roller Skate

Candi GRL Carlin Women's Roller Skate

Perfect for beginners and who want ankle support

Introducing a high-quality roller skate with a colorful brushed faux suede boot that offers both style and comfort. The padded lining ensures a comfortable fit, while the boot provides excellent ankle support, making it ideal for beginning and intermediate skaters.

This roller skate features a high-end quality aluminum chassis with PU cushions, providing precise turning and stability during skating sessions. The Bevo Silver-5 Race Rated chrome bearings are specifically designed for speed, offering a smooth and fast skating experience.

Equipped with 66x38mm PU outdoor wheels, these skates are perfect for outdoor adventures. The large size and grippy nature of the wheels allow for easy rolling over various terrains, including pavement, while also providing excellent traction.

Whether you’re cruising down the street or gliding over smooth surfaces, these roller skates deliver a high-performance experience with their quality craftsmanship and thoughtfully chosen components. Experience the joy of skating with these stylish and reliable roller skates.

The Candi Girl Carlin roller skates for women have the design to fit the elite woman.  First, the suede lining and deluxe padding give the comfy feeling. With regard to stability and reliability, it has the reinforced heel and toes support.

The race rated bearings, silver 5, and PU cast wheels suits rolling at terrific speed with good stability. To fit the stylish woman, the boots boast pop color suede with striking embellishment. The tough aluminum chassis enhances the skates’ durability.


  • The boots have the features that make it ideal for outdoor skating
  • Reinforced heels and toe offers good support when skating
  • Suits beginners


  • The skates are stiff and take the considerable amount of time to break in.

Roller Derby Str Seven

Roller Derby Str Seven

Amazing comfortable and beautiful roller skates

The Roller Derby Str Seven roller skates are a high-quality option for skaters seeking speed and performance. These skates feature a deluxe speed profile boot with PU foam, ensuring better cushioning and a snug fit for maximum comfort. The AMQ Pro frame chassis enhances strength and stability, allowing for precise control and maneuverability on the rink. The quick-dry lining promotes breathability, making these skates suitable for longer skating sessions.

Durability is a key feature of the Roller Derby Str Seven. The 5/8 fixed toe stop is made from a highly durable rubber compound that provides excellent grip on surfaces, ensuring safety and control. The 58mm x 40mm sturdy urethane wheels offer stability and a smooth roll, while the BEVO Silver – 5 race rated (chrome) speed bearings provide exceptional speed and performance.

Whether you’re a seasoned skater or a speed enthusiast, the Roller Derby Str Seven roller skates are designed to deliver a fast, stable, and comfortable skating experience. With their advanced features and durable construction, these skates are built to withstand the demands of intense skating sessions and provide hours of enjoyment on the rink.

Chicago Women’s Classic Roller Skates

 Chicago Women’s Classic Roller Skates

Recommend roller skates for women

The Chicago women’s roller classics take the top profile rink models and support the ankles. The laces, eyelets and speeds hooks enable you to adjust your fit ready for the competitive skating. To enable the rider find his correct fit, the boots are adjustable in many areas. First, the base plate is of aluminum while the truck and the chassis have a double adjustment.

The 5/8 inch adjustable toe stops together with the jump bar offers the simplicity of making turns. Besides these Chicago white rink skates have sturdy 60 mm urethane wheels. The youths have sizes ranging from 1-5 while women have size 6-11


  • Adjustable wheels and toe stops
  • Made of durable and waterproofed leather
  • Sufficient support and protection to the ankle
  • Sturdy wheels that offer good control at terrific speeds


  • These pair of skates has high price tags
  • Features low-class bearings; semi-precision

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Factors to Consider When Choosing Roller Skates – Size 8

When selecting roller skates in size 8, there are several important factors to consider to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable skating experience. Taking these factors into account will help you find the perfect pair of roller skates that meet your specific needs and preferences.

Fit and comfort as top priorities

Fit and comfort should be your top priorities when choosing roller skates. Ill-fitting skates can lead to discomfort, blisters, and difficulty in maneuvering. Ensure that the size 8 skates you choose provide a snug yet comfortable fit. 

It’s recommended to measure your feet accurately and refer to the sizing chart provided by the brand to find the most suitable size.

Consider the width of the skates as well, as different brands may have varying widths. If you have wider feet, look for brands that offer wider options or adjustable features to accommodate a better fit. Pay attention to the padding and cushioning inside the skates, as they contribute to overall comfort during skating sessions.

Roller skates for Women Size 8 Reviews

Consideration of intended use and skating style

Another crucial factor to consider is the intended use and your skating style. Different roller skates are designed for specific activities, such as indoor rink skating, outdoor street skating, or roller derby. Determine the primary purpose for which you will be using the skates and choose a pair that suits that purpose.

If you plan to skate primarily indoors, consider skates with softer wheels that provide better grip on smooth surfaces. For outdoor skating, look for skates with harder wheels that can withstand rough terrains. 

Additionally, consider the design and support of the skates based on your preferred skating style, whether it’s recreational skating, artistic skating, or speed skating.

Evaluating the quality and durability of the skates

The quality and durability of roller skates are important factors to assess. Invest in skates made from high-quality materials that can withstand regular use. Check the construction of the skates, paying attention to the boot, frame, and wheels. 

Look for reinforced stitching, durable materials such as leather or synthetic blends, and sturdy frames that offer stability and support.

Research the reputation of the brand and read customer reviews to gain insights into the durability of their roller skates. Brands with a history of producing reliable and long-lasting skates are more likely to offer a high-quality product.

Budget considerations

Budget is another crucial factor when choosing roller skates. Determine your budget range before starting your search and explore brands and models within that range. 

Keep in mind that higher-priced skates often offer better quality, durability, and advanced features. However, there are also budget-friendly options available that provide good value for recreational or beginner skaters.

Consider your skating goals and frequency of use when determining your budget. If you plan to skate regularly or engage in competitive skating, it may be worth investing in higher-end skates. For occasional or recreational use, more affordable options may suffice.

By considering factors such as fit, comfort, intended use, skating style, quality, durability, and budget, you can make an informed decision when choosing roller skates in size 8. 

Prioritizing these factors will help you find the perfect pair that not only fits well but also meets your specific skating needs. Remember to research different brands, read customer reviews, and try on the skates if possible to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable skating experience.

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Remember the best way to know your correct roller skate size is to measure your feet size. But first, you will have to put on your skating socks. Compare how different brands fit you and settle for what feels comfortable.

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