Buying the Right Roller Skates for Women

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Ask any skating professional what the “right roller skate” means, and chances are that she would break the decision into two – “right fit” and “right feel”. In other words, the skates must fit like gloves while suffering from minimal lag or distortion during travel.

Simple as these may sound on paper, the wide range of options and confusing jargon translate mean that getting the best roller skates for women is often an arduous and subjective exercise. While we can’t remove the subjectivity involved in personal preference/skating style, we can make choosing a lot easier by providing a list of the best roller skates available across all categories.

Top 4 Roller Skates for Women I Like

Moxi Roller Skates Ivy Roller Skates<br />
Moxi Roller Skates Ivy Roller SkatesSee ItABEC 3 4.5
Riedell R3 Demon Speed Roller SkatesRiedell R3 Demon Speed Roller SkatesSee It43mm x 62mm, 95A, ABEC-54.5
Riedell Citizen Outdoor Roller SkatesRiedell Citizen Outdoor Roller SkatesSee It(62mm x 32mm)(85A), ABEC-55.0
Sonic Cruiser Fun SkateSonic Cruiser Fun SkateSee It62mm 85A, ABEC-1 - 8mm4.5

1. Womens Outdoor Roller Skates Riedell Moxi Ivy Jungle

Roller Skates for Women Riedell Moxi Ivy Jungle

Made for outdoor skating enthusiasts, the Moxi Ivy Jungle comes with high quality polyurethane wheels that we found to be comfortable even on extremely uneven surfaces courtesy of a 78A rating. Contributing to such comfort were the ABEC-3 rated bearings that users found to be sturdy even for competitive skating. The steel base on the other hand is modular while being capable of providing sufficient stability even at high speeds.

What really sets this pair apart is the shoe design however. Possessing a leopard tan design to contrast with the gummy pink wheels, the shoes are made to be a showstopper. In fact, the company has even thrown in a little heel to add to the effect, though some users felt this was unwelcome on professional circuits. The shoe itself, however, is extremely solid and comes with foam lining on the interior to provide the snug fit we spoke of above. Coupled with brushed nylon lining, these make the shoe every bit as attractive as the overall setup is comfortable.

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2. Riedell R3 Demon Quad Roller Derby Speed Skates

Riedell R3 Demon Quad Roller Derby Speed Skates

Complementing the outdoor skates above is the R3 Demon, a set of indoor wheels that are custom-built for the derby enthusiast. To this end, Riedell has provided the unit with 95A indoor wheels that can handle both the rink and slightly rough concrete surfaces with ease. Adding speed to versatility are the KWIK ABEC-4 bearings and the PowerDyne Thrust Nylon plate. Some users needed to tighten the trucks somewhat, but noted that once this was done, they performed at par with much costlier professional skates.

The shoe, on the other hand, is somewhat more subdued given derby requirements. However, users are given the choice of either basic black or shoe color-matching laces so they can innovate to some degree. There is no compromise in the comfort department though, since these boots come with decent lining and fit snugly across a range of sizes. Combined with great balance, these ensure a great skating experience for both beginners and professionals.

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3. Riedell Citizen Outdoor Roller Skates

Riedell Citizen Outdoor Roller Skates

Made for the one who prefers elegance with durability, these Citizen skates are geared towards comfortable outdoor skating for all age groups. Making this possible are Radar Zen wheels rated at 85A and the ThermoDyne plate we noted in the previous product. Combine these with the well-regarded KWIK ABEC-5 bearings and you have a pair of wheels that are stable across bumpy, wet and sloping surfaces.

The boots are equally comfortable, though some users found the synthetic leather construction to be a little stiff at first. However, none complained of having to “break in” these skates. The white color scheme, in keeping with their broad-ranging appeal, is elegant without being ostentatious and suits the casual middle-aged skater as much as the racing enthusiast.

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4. Sonic Cruiser Fun Skate

Sonic Cruiser Fun Skate

Meant for the enthusiast who loves to skate on a range of surfaces, this Sonic challenger to the Riedell offerings above comes with high quality urethane wheels that do justice to both indoor and outdoor surfaces. Such versatility requires good bearings, and it is a relief to find Sonic including ABEC-1 bearings to ensure stability. A few users found the plate to be a bit wide for their taste, but regular skating allowed them to overcome this problem.

The shoes on this skate are regular sneakers, which ensure that you never have to worry about complex fitting procedures. Again, the sneaker design ensures that the feet remain comfortable with minimal sweating even when skating during summer. Combined with a simple grey color scheme and terrycloth lining, these features make the shoe a comfortable choice under virtually all circumstances.

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In the reviews above, we have tried our best to keep the “best fit” and “best feel” criteria in mind, such that a wide range of skaters can find a product to their liking. That said, one should always be wary of any chafing or sweating that occurs when one puts on the shoes for the first time, or any undue looseness or tightness of the wheels. While the wheels can be fixed, the shoes cannot and it is always advisable to go in for a replacement if the shoes give trouble.

Our own experience, and that of many users suggest, however, that with these products, chances of such inconveniences are rare. Hence, it is safe to say that once you have figured out your skating preference and size, you can choose from the above list of roller skates for ladies (or use it as a guide) without fear of losing your cash or balance.

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