How to Choose the Best Roller Skates for Women

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It won’t be possible to review the best women’s roller skates short of turning this guide into a tone. If you find the above to be at adjustment with your roller skates needs or otherwise unavailable, use the criteria below to guide you in choosing the best roller skates for women.

When deciding which skates to review the requirements include Durometer or the hardness of the wheels, Annual Bearing Engineers’ Committee, shoes & chassis, profile size, and the price.


This the first differentiator, durometer is a degree of the hardness of the wheels. Measured in units, the higher the durometer, the harder the wheel surface. Most 4-wheel roller skates are indoors or outdoors. When choosing then best roller skates for women, the rule of the thumb would be:

  • 73 to 85a: These are soft wheels best for outdoor skating, soft wheels are better for grip on bumpy surfaces. However, this type of wheels can still be used on sticky or smooth surfaces such as mats if you love skating indoors.
  • 85-103a: wheels best suited for indoor skating, they’re hard and slippery. You can also use the outdoors if the surface is even and smooth, such as outdoor skating rinks.

ABEC Rating

Best rollers for women are those with a higher score, thus better bearings. Although most manufacturers provide the ABEC ratings for the bearing, the measure can’t determine how smooth or durable the bearing would be, but a step all the same.

Shoe and Chassis

Skate shoes are categorized in high and low variants. The chassis sits between the boot and the wheel. High shoes provide better control, and lower ones are best for recreational purposes and individual sports. The best roller skates for women shoe should be padded, has a boa strap system or lacing system.

The chassis is essential for control, durability, and stability of the roller skates for women. Depending on how you plan to use your skate, the chassis material matters. Nylon chassis are popular among users on a budget while professional users such as dancers or sports need aluminum chassis.

It would help if you kept all these points in mind when choosing the best rollers ideal for you.

Profile and Size

This refers to both the height and the overall width of the skates. A short skate offers excellent maneuverability, and are very light.  Some sport and events need specific skate profile. Check with the organizers before buying a particular skate of the roller for women.

The best woman roller skates are the compact; the low profile shows that offer sufficient balance. Unpadded shoes tend to conform to your regular shoe size, while padded shoe buys skates that are 0.5 to 1 size than what your everyday shoes.


Beginner and recreational women’s roller skates should not cost more than $150. Good aluminum-chassis skates for professional use should cost between $199 to $ 500. Some specialized women skate cost more than $500.

Last take

Looking to buy the best roller skates for women, the choice depends to a large extent on the predilections of the user. Women skaters prefer to have padded shoes and may need to obtain low profile skates for certain activates events such as dancing, sport, and artistic routines. 

The durometer, ABEC rating, and the budget should be the primary consideration when buying the best roller skate for women.

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