Roller Derby Candi Girl Women Colorful Roller Skates Review

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Outdoor skating is fun and refreshing too. However, without the appropriate pair of skates, you might instead experience numerous falls. Perhaps you re a lady looking for the right womens outdoor roller skates for your evening exercise.

Although there are many brands in the market, not all give you the stability and the smooth roll you desire. That’s why we have gone to the extreme to help you identify the reputed, tested and approved boots by the professionals in the field.

One such brand to consider is the new Roller derby Candi Girl Women Colorful Skates. To the youthful lady of blooming stage who wishes to stand out in her outdoor activities, the pair of states supports you in that dream. But what exactly are the new features that single out the Colorful Roller Skates among other outdoor skates? Have a look at the following features.

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What Are The New Features in This Womens Outdoor Roller Skates?

Candi GRL Carlin Women’s Roller Skate

Candi GRL Carlin Women's Roller Skate
  • With good ankle support, these skates are ideal for beginners and intermediate skaters. The high-end aluminum chassis and PU cushions provide precise turning, while the Bevo Silver-5 Race Rated chrome bearings offer speed. The 66x38mm PU outdoor wheels are large, grippy, and perfect for gliding over pavement and smooth surfaces. Experience the perfect combination of style and functionality with our colorful brushed faux suede boot roller skates.

Shouting colors

These womens outdoor roller skates are presented in eye-catching colors; sea form, raspberry, and blue. Therefore it gives you a variety of shade to select. The striking colors clearly suit the elegant lady. Thus when skating in the outdoor environment, the classy, brushed suede leather skates let you stand out from the crowd.

Complement it with the right attire and you not only achieve outstanding performance but appearance. For each pair, the wheels have a corresponding matching color to the body.

Plush padded

Skating in the outdoor atmosphere involves rolling on hard and rough grounds. The Roller Derby Colorful Skates understand that clearly. It presents you with the luxurious and padded women’s pair of skates. Unlike other models that have the padding feature at the ankle only, the Colorful Quad Skates have the comfortable lining in the entire interior.

Lightweight frame

Both the professional and the novice skaters require light skates. These are pair of quad skates that won’t pull you down. Consequently, the Candi Girl Colorful Skates come in an aluminum chassis with PU cushioning. Therefore although light, the boots possess the strength of the aluminum frames. And when you consider the double action trucks, you realize these boots are made to handle the rough grounds present outdoors.

Constructed in ladies sizes

For the perfect roll in quad skates as a woman, you need the skates that are neither too tight nor loose. That is the skates that fit both the ankle and the toes. The elite girl’s skates’ sizes have been constructed with the ladies sizes in mind from 3 to 11.  Thus even the lady with the wide feet is bound to get her exact fit.

Reinforced heel and toe

The outdoor skating might go for prolonged hours. Without proper support at the toes and heels, you quickly get tired.  The elite girl quad skate has an all-around support that makes prolonged skating enjoyable. It provides enough support at the heel and toes plus the non-adjustable toe stops.

Gives the smooth roll

Stylish boots won’t be of much use if they can’t support the smooth roll.  To enhance the free movement the Elite girl boots employs the ABEC-5 rated bearings. To further complement the speed requirement the wheels are sized 66 mm/82A featuring poured urethane.

Owing to their wide wheels and the double action trucks, the pair of boots has superior stability.

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So What Makes This Womens Outdoor Rollers Skates Is The Best For The Outdoor Skating?

Here is why it’s ideal for the outdoor skating environment;

  • Soft leather lining; that protects your entire feet and the skin from developing blisters as you roll over rough grounds. The womens outdoor roller skates guarantee you all day comfort, thus making the activity pleasurable even to the younger women. It takes into account the ladies’ soft and delicate skin.
  • Stability; due to its wide 66mm wheels and the double action truck, the quad skates are much more stable than other models. That shields the novice skater, to an extent, from numerous falls and injuries.
  • Sturdy frame; outdoor skating requires the strong pair of skates to withstand the harsh environment. The aluminum chassis used in this pair of skates match that requirement.

What I like

  • They are light in weight hence easy to direct without much struggle.
  • Their brushed suede leather and the shouting color give them the beautiful outlook.
  • Equipped with the race rated bearings
  • The superior heel and toe support makes it easy to make efficient thrust

What I dislike

  • The holes that help to adjust the brakes ought o have been a little bit larger
  • Expensive boots; but worth every penny for the performance they give

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Having considered the overall design of these womens outdoor roller skates, it’s a good pick for your daughter. When you buy them for her, you give her a head start and an easy time too. Why risk your daughter’s life and invest your money in unverified boots? Make the best choice with Roller derby Candi Girl Women Colorful Skates.

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