Best Kids’ Roller Skates Review

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The best kids’ roller skates are customized to fit the young learners.  Once your child ticks the right age for skating, introduce the youngster to the challenging sport or exercise.  Let the child grow up as he perfects his skills in the game.

And what’s the best way other than providing the trusted and reputed roller skates brands for your child? That’s why we have gone deep with our research to avail you the top kids’ roller skates.

Importance of choosing the right roller skates for kids

When it comes to kids’ roller skating, having the right pair of roller skates is essential for their safety, comfort, and overall enjoyment. Roller skating not only provides a fun recreational activity but also offers numerous physical and mental benefits for children. However, choosing the right roller skates for kids can be a daunting task with so many options available on the market.

Overview of the article’s focus on the best roller skates for kids

In this article, we will guide you through the process of selecting the best roller skates for kids. We understand the importance of finding roller skates that not only fit well but also prioritize safety features, durability, and age-appropriate designs. Our aim is to help you make an informed decision and provide recommendations for top-rated roller skates that have received positive feedback from parents and young skaters.

We will discuss various factors to consider when choosing roller skates for kids, such as sizing, construction quality, wheel type, and closure systems. Additionally, we will highlight different types of roller skates suitable for different age groups and skill levels, including adjustable skates that can grow with your child.

Ensuring the safety and comfort of your child while roller skating is paramount, so we will also provide insights on the importance of proper protective gear, such as helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards.

By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of what to look for in kids’ roller skates and be equipped with the knowledge to select the best pair that suits your child’s needs and preferences. Let’s dive into the world of kids’ roller skates and help your child embark on a thrilling skating adventure safely and confidently.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing Kids’ Roller Skates

Factors to Consider When Choosing Kids' Roller Skates

Size and Fit

Importance of proper sizing for comfort and safety

Selecting the right size roller skates for kids is crucial to ensure a comfortable fit and promote safe skating. Ill-fitting skates can cause discomfort, blisters, and may compromise stability.

Tips for measuring kids’ feet and choosing the right size 

Measure your child’s foot accurately using a measuring tape or ruler. Take into account both length and width. Refer to the manufacturer’s sizing chart to determine the appropriate skate size based on the measurements. Consider leaving a little room for growth to avoid quickly outgrowing the skates.

Safety Features

Protective padding and ankle support

Look for roller skates that provide ample padding around the ankle area to offer support and prevent injuries. Cushioned lining and ankle straps or cuffs can enhance stability and protect sensitive areas.

Quality of wheels and bearings for stability and control

Opt for roller skates with reliable wheels and bearings. High-quality wheels ensure smooth and stable rides, while durable bearings allow for effortless gliding and maneuverability. Consider skates with adjustable wheel tightness for added customization.

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Durability and Construction

Materials used for long-lasting skates

Check the materials used in the construction of the roller skates. Look for sturdy materials such as reinforced synthetic leather or durable synthetic materials that can withstand frequent use and provide long-lasting performance.

Reinforced toe caps and sturdy frames for added durability

Roller skates with reinforced toe caps offer increased protection and durability, especially during falls or collisions. Additionally, sturdy frames provide stability and longevity, ensuring the skates can withstand the rigors of regular use.

By considering factors such as size and fit, safety features, and durability and construction, you can make an informed decision when choosing roller skates for kids. Prioritizing comfort, safety, and quality will ensure that your child enjoys a fun and safe skating experience while maximizing their skills and confidence on wheels.

Best Roller Skates for Young Kids (Ages 3-6) 

Roller Derby Fun Roll Adjustable Roller Skates for Beginners

Roller Derby Fun Roll Adjustable Roller Skates for Beginners
  • Roller derby is a famous brand in skates making, having garnered over 80 years of experience. Hence it’s the ideal choice for the best kids’ roller skates.
  • It, therefore, lets you introduce your child to skating with the perfect skates that grow along with the child. These are skates that excel both in performance and the look, roll in style.

First, the Roller Derby Girl’s Fun Roll Adjustable Roller Skate gives you the shaped ankle support for your child. Besides it also offers great comfort due to the soft padding in the interior and the collar.

To ensure that your child’s feet are fastened correctly, these boots have a pair of cam lever locking buckles.  With the grease sealed 608ZB bearings and the wide spaced polyurethane wheels, you are assured of your child’s stability while skating. Put on these boots, fasten the buckles and roll in style.


  • Has the eye-catching design
  • Adjustable in size
  • Very comfortable to put on
  • A wide base that offers stability to the novice skaters


  • The majority of the disappointments from customers about these boots concern the wrong choice of size. It is therefore important to measure your child’s feet.
  • Features heel stoppers which could be a little bit confusing to the learner

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Best Roller Skates for Older Kids (Ages 7 and up) 

Roller Derby Track Star Adjustable Roller Skates for Beginners

Roller Derby Track Star Adjustable Roller Skates for Beginners
  • Learning how to skate is a difficult exercise for the kids. It, therefore, requires adequate support from the parents and the skates. That’s why the Track star skates give your child enough support. It has the plastic wrapping for all-around support even above the knee.

Moreover, it has the stylish matching design; the strap, wheels, and stopper are all pink. You won’t have to worry about the child outgrowing the skate soon since it’s an adjustable roller skate. The removable and washable liner guarantees a clean pair of skates

The 54mm urethane wheels and the 608Z bearings give the boots the sturdy construction. Only the snugly fitting pair of skates delivers in performance. Consequently, the Trac star adjustable roller skates employ hinged cuff and the cam-lever buckle


  • Easy to fasten since the boots use adjustable buckles
  • Soft on the interior
  • The inside fabric can be removed and washed
  • Molded shell
  • The skates are adjustable


  • Most complaints about these models center on buying incorrect sizes.. Getting the correct size of your child’s feet plus the thick socks can help solve that problem

Budget-Friendly Options for Kids’ Roller Skates 

Roller Derby Firestar Youth Girl’s Roller Skates

Roller Derby Firestar Youth Girl’s Roller Skates
  • The roller derby Firestar features the comfort sport designed skates.  The design incorporates Velcro strap and lace closures. 
  • To ensure that the boots strike the right balance between weights and comfort it employs the torsion beam frame and padded collar.
  • The result is a pair of boots that is light and fits you comfortably without rubbing the child’s heel.

Due to the 608ZB ball bearings and the under 70mm wheel size, these skates suit both the learning and advanced skaters. To ensure that the child skates at the right speed that matches his experience, these pairs of wheels can be tightened or loosened as the need arises.

If you desire to slow down the pair of skates; just tighten the wheels a little bit.


  • Excellent ankle support
  • Affordable
  • Soft and comfortable leather- doesn’t rub against ankle


  • Tongue falls often and has to be adjusted

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Tips for Kids’ Roller Skating Safety

Best Kids’ Roller Skates Review

Roller skating is a fun and exhilarating activity for kids, but it’s essential to prioritize their safety while they enjoy their skating adventures. Here are some valuable tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable roller skating experience for your children:

Importance of proper safety gear


Make sure your child wears a properly fitted helmet designed for roller skating or skateboarding. It should cover the forehead and be securely fastened to provide maximum head protection.

Knee and elbow pads

Protect your child’s joints by providing them with well-fitting knee and elbow pads. These pads cushion falls and prevent injuries to the sensitive areas of their body.

Wrist guards

Wrist guards are essential to protect your child’s wrists from potential injuries caused by falls or collisions. They provide support and stability to the wrists, reducing the risk of fractures or sprains.


Consider using a mouthguard to protect your child’s teeth and jaw in case of a fall or collision. Mouthguards are particularly important for more advanced skaters or those attempting tricks and jumps.

Teaching kids basic skating skills and rules

Balance and posture

Teach your child to maintain a proper balance and posture while roller skating. Encourage them to keep their knees slightly bent and their weight centered over their skates.

Starting and stopping

Teach your child how to start and stop safely. Practice techniques such as using a toe stop or dragging one foot behind to slow down or come to a complete stop.

Turning and maneuvering

Teach your child how to make controlled turns and maneuvers. Emphasize the importance of looking in the direction they want to go and using their body to shift their weight and steer.

Obstacle awareness

Teach your child to be aware of their surroundings and to watch out for potential obstacles, such as other skaters, pedestrians, or uneven surfaces.

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Best Kids’ Roller Skates Review

Supervision and skating in safe environments

Adult supervision

Ensure that children are always supervised by a responsible adult while roller skating, especially younger kids or those who are still learning. This adult can provide guidance, monitor their progress, and intervene if necessary.

Safe skating areas

Choose designated roller skating areas that are suitable for kids, such as skate parks, roller rinks, or smooth paved paths. Avoid busy roads or crowded areas where the risk of accidents is higher.

Avoiding traffic

Teach your child to stay away from traffic and to use designated crossings or pathways when necessary. Emphasize the importance of following traffic rules and signals.

Surface conditions

Encourage your child to skate on smooth surfaces that are free from debris, potholes, or cracks. Uneven surfaces can increase the risk of tripping or falling.

Remember, consistent reinforcement of safety practices and setting a good example through your own adherence to safety guidelines will help instill safe habits in your child. By prioritizing safety gear, teaching essential skating skills and rules, and ensuring appropriate supervision and safe environments, you can provide your child with a secure foundation for their roller skating adventures.

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In conclusion, by choosing the right roller skates for kids, you can provide them with a safe and enjoyable roller skating experience. Consider their skill level, size, and preferences when selecting the skates. 

Don’t forget to prioritize safety and equip your child with the necessary protective gear. With the right roller skates and a focus on safety, your child can embark on exciting skating adventures and create lasting memories.

By choosing the best kids’ roller skates, you are providing the right foundation for succeeding in the challenging skating game. Once your child attains the right age for skating, give him or her a head start by picking on the reputed brands. Support your child; never force him into learning the exercise. Equip him with the lifetime skating skills the roller derby style!

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