Best Inline Skates For Women Review and Buying Guide

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Best Inline Skates For Women Review and Buying Guide
Best Inline Skates For Women Review and Buying Guide

Inline skating may appear to be the most “professional” of all skating methods but facts show that it is one of the most easily accessible and widespread forms of skating. This should come as no surprise given that inline skating is one of the top-ranking fitness workouts in terms of stamina, balance, sleep enhancement, muscle toning and of course, calorie burning.

Indeed, by burning 6 calories per minute (at a pace of 20mph), an inline skater achieves far greater benefits than running, etc. To achieve such benefits though, you must have inline skates for women that are capable of handling the wear and tear while also providing sufficient maneuvering space, protection and comfort for your feet.

To help you make a wise choice, we’ve provided short inline skates reviews of the best inline roller skates in the market and followed it up with tips for choosing the best yourself!

Top 3 Inline Skates Reviews

Womens rollerblades Spark 80ALU Skate Reviews

Womens rollerblades Spark 80ALU Skate Reviews
  • Coming from the well-reputed manufacturer of professional ice-hockey skates, the Spark offers highly durable 80mm wheels that many users found to be capable of executing sharp turns and achieving speeds required for racing

Rated at 82A and fitted with SG5 bearings, these wheels are equally well equipped for handling rough outdoor surfaces and professional skating rinks. Further, one user noted that there is an additional axle on the premium-grade aluminium frame that allows you to remove the brake should you feel the need to do so.

Users were equally impressed by the quality of the softboot that sits atop the frame. While a few found the “bling” on the outer surface to be unnecessary, every user found herself highly impressed by the quality of the lining of the shoe and the fact that regardless of the size, it fit snugly without constricting the leg inside. With the Velcro strap providing additional protection, this skate ensures the best balance between speed and utility that Rollerblade has to offer.

K2 Skate Kinetic 80 Womens Inline Skates

K2 Skate Kinetic 80 Womens Inline Skates
  • Our second 80mm Rollerblade contender, these inline skates possess 80A wheels that make them ideal for handling the vast majority of scenarios including, in the opinion of multiple users, rough streets and pavements.
  • Such handling and manoeuvring is enhanced by the fact that the unit comes with an interlocking frame that absorbs much of the shock emanating from uneven surfaces.

Coming to the shoe, we note that the pink and black beauty is solidly built and if a size below one’s normal walking shoe size is purchased, provides a snug fit. Further, the company has managed to eliminate excess skate weight by creating a compact design meant for executing sharp turns. Combined with Rollerblade’s signature Quick Lace system, these make this skate ideal for anyone who enjoys skating outdoors/on the streets.

Similar to this womens rollerblade is K2 Kinetic 78 Womens Inline Skates.

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Roller Derby Women’s V-Tech 500 Button Adjustable Inline Skate

Roller Derby Women's V-Tech 500 Button Adjustable Inline Skate
  • Roller Derby women’s V-Tech 500 inline skates are perfect for outdoor fun and recreation. These inline skates for women provide a feeling of comfort while you enjoy the friendly environment. Not only do these skates give you a comfortable ride but they’re eye-catching too. These skates come in different shocking colors that will illuminate your feet, giving you a cool look while you’re on the move.

The framework of these skates is made of a strong polymer which guarantees that you’ll have a durable skate for a long period of time. The V-Tech 500 is long lasting and firm, which will withstand the bumpy roads that may even have potholes.

Is your daughter growing really fast? with these inline skates, there’s no need to buy a new pair everytime her feet gain an inch. These adjust to whatever size feet she has, which guarantees to save you money. Also, as explained above, it comes with comfort foot padding which allows the feet to always be at ease, while you roll. It also comes with 76 mm urethane formula wheels which will give you that relaxed and confident ride at all times.

Whether you’re skating at the park, on the road or just simply skating for leisure, these inline skates for women will get the job done for you.

In concluding this review, the V-Tech 500 skates have received numerous good reports from customers. Some declared that they’re very comfortable, affordable and easy to use. Some also said that adjusting it takes little or no energy and few said that they come with captivating colors which enlightens their roller skating gear and outfit.

Best Women’s Inline Skates For the Outdoor Enthusiast Review

Most beginners tend to start skating in rinks or within their homes. For this reason, it is not surprising that a lot of the curated collections of best womens rollerblades tend to focus on indoor skates. While the expert may easily be able to switch the wheels out to turn a rink skate into an outdoor one, this is neither easy nor advisable for even intermediate enthusiasts.

Hence, recognizing that you may well have started out outdoors or beheading outdoors now, we’ve compiled a list of best inline skates for outdoors reviews that will hopefully suit most skaters.

Top Inline Skates for Outdoor Women skaters

Rollerblade Zetrablade Women’s

Rollerblade Zetrablade Women’s
  • Clocking in a fine pair of 82a wheels on a monocoque frame, the Zetrablade has proven to be a fine example to Rollerblade’s line of comfortable and durable skates. Most notable within this structure is the lack of any unnecessary movement within the frame itself, which allows for quick and precise movements even at sharp bends.

Given the variety of obstacles outdoor skaters face, it is no surprise that most users found the Zetrablade 2021 to be one of the most dependable units they’d even purchased.

Equally notable was the excellent shoe. As with most Rollerblade shoes, this pair runs true to size. That said, its closure mechanism allows for a wide range of leg musculature, while the fit of the shoe allowed both thinly built and well-built users to adjust without any hiccups. Top these off with fine build quality and water resistance, and you have blades that you wouldn’t want to move on from.

K2 Skate Women’s 80 Inline Skate

K2 Skate Women’s 80 Inline Skate
  • For those seeking still more grip, the 80A wheels offered by K2 provide a perfect match. If you’re planning to go off-pavement and onto dirt, these wheels and the excellent vibration-absorbing Composite frame would ensure a smooth ride while ensuring adequate speed and manoeuvring capacity.

Of course, all this is achieved without putting the feet through the grinder. Possessing the same snugness and correct fit as its Rollerblade competitor, this shoe ensures that ankle and toe positions are spot on regardless of your foot shape. Added to a strap-and-lace closure system, these make the 80 Inline Skates a must-have for the outdoors adventurer.

Rollerblade MacroBlade 84w Alu 2016 Fitness/Workout Skate

Rollerblade MacroBlade 84w Alu 2016 Fitness/Workout Skate
  • As expected of the Macroblade range, this fitness skate is aimed at serious skaters who intend to spend long hours on their wheels. To this end, the Macroblade frame is made of high quality aluminium, the bearings are top-notch and most importantly, the 84a wheels are capable of handling almost any outdoor terrain.

Quite naturally, long hours would also make comfort a paramount consideration. On this count, Rollerblade scores top marks courtesy of a snug lining that can accommodate the wider feet as well. Combined with the 45 degree lacing and improved closure mechanism, these ensure that this Macroblade offers the perfect feature set for anyone wishing to go a notch higher than the previous two.

K2 Skate Alexis Women’s Inline Skate

K2 Skate Alexis Women’s Inline Skate
  • Our second 80a competitor from K2, these women’s blades provide a specialised frame that ensures efficient energy transfer at all times. In layman’s terms, this translates to customers noting the minimal fatigue, excellent manoeuvrability and great speed of these skates. Throw in K2’s reputation for durability and you have one of the most stable and rugged skates possible.

This ruggedness on the underside is combined with a tough yet finely made boot. K2 took the soft boot route for this product, resulting in a product that becomes more comfortable and less difficult on the calves as time goes by. Combined with a closure system as complex yet as convenient as the Macroblade, the Alexis is surely a winner in the intermediate blades category.

What You Should Notice Before Buying Inline Skates For Women

While the above three easily rank among the best in the market, it is always possible that you may have additional needs and/or these may not be available when you intend to make your purchase. To help you make an informed decision, we have provided below some pro tips for choosing the best roller skates for women

Decide your activity

Inline skates typically come in three variants – fitness, recreational and professional. While most users would go in for recreational skates, more dedicated users may want to spend a little more and obtain fitness skates. Fitness skates are recognized by the higher quality bearings and ability to withstand large amounts of wear and tear.

Professional skates, on the other hand, are specially geared towards specific sports such as ice hockey, rink hockey, derby and racing. For racing, there is a specific variant called “speed skate” and for certain specific activities requiring additional support, a five-wheel variant is available.

The more premium among them come with leather shoes and a number of modifications such as enhanced axles, modified wheel size, bearing adjustments, etc. Note however that just because a unit is meant to do well in a professional arena does not mean it will be better in all respects. Indeed, some of the recreational units available for outdoor use are more rugged than the ones having leather shoes.

Ensure adequate lining

Lining is vital because it ensures that your feet are comfortable. While 21st-century skates usually achieve this, many of them forego holes for air circulation. Neglecting such airholes can lead to the buildup of sweat and eventually, blistering and irritation of the skin.

Further, the lining should be such that there is adequate room at the point where the tongue meets the inside of the shoe.

Closure Systems

The closure mechanism decides how fast and how well your feet are secured when you go out into the park or rink. Most companies choose a Velcro-strap system that connects to the top of the shoe. Many users, however, warn that the unit should also contain a strap adjustment mechanism at the back of the shoe that provides adequate scope for tightening the unit.

Wheel size

Larger wheel sizes are generally better for skating if they maintain the centre of gravity of the body at a sufficient height. Ideally, the minimum wheel size supported by a skate should be at least 76mm and the distance between two wheel axles should be 78mm.

Wheel bearings and durometer

Wheel bearings should come with either ABEC or SG ratings and the higher the rating, the better the quality of the bearings. The durometer on the other hand is measured in “A” units and 85-90A is taken as the splitting line between outdoor and indoor skates. Outdoor skates need softer wheels and hence have the lower rating and indoor skates have harder surfaces and higher ratings.

Note however that regardless of the durometer, the quality of the wheels should be such that the durometer is maintained ie hard wheels should not become soft and soft wheels should not wear out to become hard.

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Unlike some other forms of movement sports, inline skating offers a lot of scope for branching out, whether into figure sports and performing arts or competitive sports and racing. A lot depends on the choice you make, and for this purpose, we’ve refrained from naming anyone skate as the best in all scenarios.

With the choice of three and the tips for making your own decisions, we hope you will have sufficient means for making the informed decision that will ensure skating joy and success for years to come.

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