Best Cheap Roller Skates for Women of 2017

In a world where we are infatuated with the top stars of the world of roller skating, it is easy to believe that if we simply buy their sports gear, we too will be able to achieve their levels of expertise. This naturally leads many of us to choose roller skates that are costlier and sometimes far more sophisticated than those required by amateurs or even mid-level amateurs. Instead of going after such fancy gear, many aspiring women skaters can do well to choose cheap roller skates for women that suit their needs and skating style while providing them with the quality and durability of top-end skates. Such a combination is hard to find in a market filled with baseless jargon and tall claims. To make your search for that perfect skate easier, we’ve compiled a list of the 3 best roller skates that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Compare the Best Cheap Roller Skates for Adults 2017

Chicago Women's Rink SkateCheap Roller Skates - Chicago Women's Rink Skate--See It4.5
Chicago Bullet Speed Skatecheap roller skates for adults -<br />
 Chicago Bullet Speed Skate ,Black62mm/ABEC 1See It4.0
Pacer GTX-500 Roller Skates w/ Pink Laceswomens roller skates - Pacer GTX-500 Roller Skates w/ Pink Laces63MM X 35MM
See It4.0
Black Pacer Mach-5 GTX500 Quad Speed Roller Skates w/ 2 Pair of Laces womens outdoor roller skates - Black Pacer Mach-5 GTX500 Quad Speed Roller Skates w/ 2 Pair of Laces 63mm x 35mm / ABEC-1See It4.0

Best Inline Skates Womens Reviews 2017

Roller Derby Pro Line 900 Women’s Inline Skates

Roller Derby Pro Line 900 Women’s Inline Skates

Considered a must-have for basic and intermediate female skaters, the Pro Line 900 provides excellent balance and traction courtesy of the 76mm Speed Formula wheels possessing the coveted ABEC-7 wheel bearing rating. If that weren’t enough, a polymer bridge frame ensures that the product is capable of maintaining stability even under extreme weather or working conditions.

Unlike a majority of competitors making skates in this price bracket though, the company has chosen to focus on the shoe as well. Made completely by hand, this superior shoe comes with memory foam lining on the inside that remembers the shape of your foot and thus makes usage a comfortable affair. Such comfort is complemented by the ease of use afforded by a triple buckle system that allows for quick and simple wearing and removal of the shoe. Combined with the 3-piece melded design that users have been found to appreciate quite often, these features make the Pro Line 900 a great match for aspiring women skaters.

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Roller Derby Women’s V500 Adjustable Inline Skates

Roller Derby Women’s V500 Adjustable Inline Skates
Another popular contender with ABEC-7 wheel bearings, the V500 manages to match the Pro Line 900 in the stability afforded by 76mm wheels. Where it manages to distinguish itself is in the use of reinforced urethane in the wheels. This allows the wheels to survive harsh outdoor conditions without causing discomfort to the user.

The soft boot that sits atop this enhanced structure comes with a triple buckle system that users found to be far simpler to use than traditional lace designs. Equally appreciated was the excellent padding inside the shoe which provided one user with a “glove-like” experience. When considered alongside the fact that the unit can grow with your foot size courtesy of a push-button adjustment system, these features make for a shoe that is comfortable and versatile at the same time.

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Rollerblade Girl’s Junior Spitfire XT US 5 through 8 Adjustable Size Skate

Rollerblade Girl’s Junior Spitfire XT US 5 through 8 Adjustable Size Skate
Often recommended for children and young women with growing feet, the Spitfire XT provides excellent wheels and bearings without compromising on the ability to expand four sizes depending on the growth of your daughter/niece’s feet. Mothers reported the stability which the simple yet reinforced frame provided their children, thereby allowing the former to watch from the side-lines without worrying for the children’s safety.

Furthermore, the company has taken adequate care to ensconce the child’s tender feet in superior quality padding that makes the soft boot among the best for kids. With most finding no trouble pulling the product on and off using the accompanying strap mechanism, these easily make the product among the best for skaters whose parents wish them to learn the art from a young age.

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As the above list suggests, Rollerblade is truly one of the best companies catering to the needs of a diverse range of women skaters without forcing them to pay a premium for high quality products. This doesn’t mean that each product is the same – each has its own specialties that may make it ideal for a particular type of foot, person or workout/training regime. Hence, while each of the products may be bang for the buck in absolute terms, their relative worth to you will depend on your ability to choose the criteria with which you wish to decide which is the best for you. Once you have figured out your needs, we are confident that this list of the best cheap roller skates for women will go a long way in allowing you to make a quick but informed decision that you will come to appreciate for a long time to come.

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